Asad Ullah Khan, FCA, FCMA
Senior VP of Operations, Finance – Coca Cola Central Japan Co. Ltd.
Asad Ullah Khan, FCA, FCMA | Senior VP of Operations, Finance – Coca Cola Central Japan Co. Ltd.

Asad Ullah Khan, FCA, FCMA is the Senior Vice President of Operations for the Financial Division of Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd., a world renowned beverage company and developer of such revolutionary drinks as Coca-Cola, CC Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, Minute Maid, Powerade and Glaceau. In his current role, Mr. Khan makes the most of his expertise in financial and strategic leadership, financial strategy development, the prioritization of initiatives, and enhanced analysis and decision support, in efforts to maintain the company’s long running standard of excellence and style. He also specializes in regulatory and internal controls compliance, budgetary control and cost accounting, team leadership, the examination, analysis and review of financial statements and accounting systems, and target investigation and system development.

Mr. Khan has more than 13 years of FMCG experience, and actively participated as a finance lead for the Middle East and North Africa business unit in the finalization of the Aujan transaction in 2012, acquisition of trademarks and bottling operations in Iraq, preparation for integration, and understanding of the business. He managed finance operations throughout 40 countries in the Middle East and North Africa business unit, as well as the resolution of issues with key bottler pricing and value sharing arrangements. Furthermore, he provides inspiring leadership, and is actively involved in the communication, alignment and participation of Eurasia Africa Finance Destination 2014 and the Economic Profit rollout. He built a strong team of 40 associates in terms of their capabilities and opportunities to engage and participate in group activities.

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Asad Ullah Khan, FCA, FCMA
Senior Vice President of Operations, Finance
Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd.
Specializing in Financial
and Strategic Leadership
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